Financial planning for retirement


Knowing how your finances will pan out after retirement gives peace of mind to those of us who want a secure future after we stop working. The best way to ensure that retirement really is all that it lives up to be, is to plan, plan, plan! Financial planning is the key! Don’t wait til the last minute to figure […]

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Your companion on the road


It’s always nice to have your best friend with you when going on a road trip, which is why more and more truckers are opting to take their pets – whether it be dogs, cats, birds, rats, lizards – with them on the long haul. If you are considering having your animal companion by your side, make sure to prepare beforehand so that […]

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Creepy Crawlies at Sea: Morton Bay Bugs


Although Australians love their shrimp on the Barbie and fish markets in Prahran produce some of the best seafood in Melbourne, the not-so- cute-and-cuddly appearance of seafood is not listed on every person’s ideal menu. Walkinginto a fish market can be an intimidating experience. An array of all sort of fishes on show lined up with countless pairs of wide and googly […]

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The new generation of road signage


Move over static road signs, the new age of technology is bringing out the big guns. In this modern era, old-fashioned signs just aren’t adequate when it comes to providing motorists with all the information they need, in the speed and accuracy required. Companies that are pioneering this movement, like Australian owned and operated Artcraft, understand the value of intelligent traffic systems. […]

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The kitchen has never just been a space for cooking. It is a meeting space, a hive of activity, where conversations are swapped, recipes are created, and food is shared. With all this happening in the one space, it is essential that kitchen fittings walk the delicate line between functionality and style. Although kitchen are often designed to get messy, there […]

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Summer Care For Your Dog


Aren’t dogs an interesting species? They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and are individuals in their own right. Although with each of their distinct personalities, these creatures all share the same characteristics that make them so lovable: loyalty, resilience, and a great attitude towards life. Hence, sometimes we forget that our dogs do require attentive care on those […]

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Spelling out the PAYG systems in Australia


PAYG simply stands for Pay As You Go and is an acronym used for two different processes systemised by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) for businesses in Australia. One of the systems, termed PAYG installments, allows you and your business to meet your income tax obligations by making payments at the end of each quarter of the year. These quarterly payments go towards the […]

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Deciding between open- or closed-casket funeral ceremonies


Saying goodbye to a loved one is a trying time. The viewing of the body is by no means a mandatory means for a proper farewell, but some people feel it required for their personal closure. When a death occurs unexpectedly, it can be incomprehensible for the deceased’s family and friends. In a way, the viewing of the body could […]

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Personalized Burials


A funeral can be seen as a time to celebrate the life of the person that has passed. It is an opportunity to showcase all that they had achieved, and what they offered to their loved ones while they were still alive. Sometimes, to make the ceremony more personal, the burial process can be tweaked to cater to the deceased’s personality, […]

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How can I avoid past harmful: 4 retreat savings strategies of Most of


Even though many individuals are getting excited about a comfortable life after retirement, some are looking at a selection between retiring in poverty and working to their old age. A new Prudential study revealed any particular one in seven people in the UK are retiring this 2015 without individual retirement savings, along with just the state retirement to fall right […]

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