Outdoor Signage for my Vegan Cafe


When I opened my all-natural vegan coffee shop last year, signage printing was definitely not on my mind. My business is located in the nook of a forgotten alleyway surrounded by outdoor equipment stores and car dealerships. I was so excited. This had been my dream since what feels like forever. I wanted to open a place where the food […]

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Business Succession Planning


We’ve got two pieces of advice about succession planning. The first is “start early!”. And the second is “talk to an expert”. It’s hard to understand just how important this is without examining what can go wrong first. And there is a lot that can go wrong. If you’re a business owner, you need to be aware of your responsibility […]

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Chocolate liqueur or chocolate liquor?


You don’t have to speak French to enjoy the sensations of chocolate with an alcoholic twist. But understanding the difference between chocolate liqueur and chocolate liquor will help you make better choices of products to enjoy. “What? There’s a difference?” you may ask. Yes there is! Chocolate liqueur is an alcoholic beverage made from a distilled spirit with a chocolate […]

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Affordable Holiday Accommodation in Werribee


Need a holiday but running low on cash? Stop worrying right now. If you can afford to pay for petrol to travel just 30 minutes out of the Melbourne CBD, and have a little extra budget for an overnight stay, consider Werribee for your next vacation destination. You can spend a weekend away visiting the Werribee Open Range Zoo, taking […]

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A breakdown on Interior Wall Paints


Not only is there a range of colours to choose from, there are also a variety of paint types and finishes that can impact the look and style of the interior of your home or building. Here is a brief guide on the types of paints you can choose from, whether you are doing it ourself or using a professional painting service: Oil-based paints […]

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Vineyard wedding inspiration


So you and your partner have decided to have a vineyard wedding, and want to celebrate both your love for each other and love for wine with your friends and family. If you’re in need of decor inspiration that will truly reflect all that you love, from your spouse-to- be to that beautiful red or white sitting in your private bar, then […]

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Financial planning for retirement


Knowing how your finances will pan out after retirement gives peace of mind to those of us who want a secure future after we stop working. The best way to ensure that retirement really is all that it lives up to be, is to plan, plan, plan! Financial planning is the key! Don’t wait til the last minute to figure […]

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Your companion on the road


It’s always nice to have your best friend with you when going on a road trip, which is why more and more truckers are opting to take their pets – whether it be dogs, cats, birds, rats, lizards – with them on the long haul. If you are considering having your animal companion by your side, make sure to prepare beforehand so that […]

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Creepy Crawlies at Sea: Morton Bay Bugs


Although Australians love their shrimp on the Barbie and fish markets in Prahran produce some of the best seafood in Melbourne, the not-so- cute-and-cuddly appearance of seafood is not listed on every person’s ideal menu. Walkinginto a fish market can be an intimidating experience. An array of all sort of fishes on show lined up with countless pairs of wide and googly […]

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The new generation of road signage


Move over static road signs, the new age of technology is bringing out the big guns. In this modern era, old-fashioned signs just aren’t adequate when it comes to providing motorists with all the information they need, in the speed and accuracy required. Companies that are pioneering this movement, like Australian owned and operated Artcraft, understand the value of intelligent traffic systems. […]

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